Factoring Program

freight-forwarding-buttonPridefilmfestival.org provides excellent factoring services for freight companies. At pridefilmfestival.org, we help freight companies through our factoring services, by giving them payments regardless of whether or not their clients or the shippers have paid. There is also no wait time needed; we will immediately give you your percentage of the bill’s costs without a hitch. So if you need fast and trustworthy factoring services, we at pridefilmfestival.org, aim to be the best factoring service you have ever used for your freight company.

Our freight factoring services are straightforward. You will use our freight factoring to receive cash advances for payments that customers have not made, in turn; we will receive a percentage of the fee as a commission for our services. In return, you will be paid a percentage of the total amount owed to you by the customer, immediately without you having to wait long. If the customer or shipper then pays the total amount, you will receive the rest of your payment in full and in good trust. You can trust our freight factoring company because we have served many customers over the years. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.